Geothermal Solar Battery Project

Our company popularizes the technology of the solar-geothermal heating system, which in modern conditions of a constant increase in energy prices is very popular and advanced, and also has economic feasibility.

Each partner has the opportunity to introduce this technology for their own use, as well as to disseminate information about the technology and scale up its implementation.

The geothermal water supply systems based on heat pumps are leading the way in renewable energy technologies. Which due to solar thermal energy can fully meet the needs for hot water in the house in the summer, and in the autumn-spring period it is possible to get from 30% of the required energy for heating and up to 60% of the required energy for hot water.

Low potential 20-40 °C thermal water or petrothermal energy of the upper layers of the earth’s crust is used as the primary source of heat in such systems. Soil heat exchangers are used to use the heat of the soil, which are placed either in vertical wells with a depth of 100-300 m or horizontally at a certain depth.

Simple Principle of Operation:

A solar panel that absorbs solar energy outdoors (the roof)
A solar battery supplies electricity to a boiler
A boiler heats water
Heated water enters a well (near a house) and heats the earth around a well
After all summer heats water with land
You can use warm water from the well to heat the house and surrounding areas.

Geothermal Energy Advantages

Why not?
There are many benefits of geothermal energy.


The most important advantage of a geothermal heating system or, more precisely, a heat pump, is its very low operating costs. With a typical system efficiency of 300 to 500% (compared to 95 to 98% for the most efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system on fossil fuels), the reduction in energy consumption exceeds 75%! And it does not even include the extra hot water that the geosystem can provide. The approximate service life of the system is from 25 to 30 years. The ground loop does not require maintenance and should last 75 years or more.


Since the geothermal heat pump does not use flammable substances, there is no risk of fire, explosion or exposure to toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide), which is inherent in systems running on fossil fuels. Since most of its energy is renewable solar energy absorbed by the Earth, it is very efficient and produces very little emissions — zero if the electricity for your home is generated from other renewable sources.


A geothermal heat pump system can be designed to deliver heat. It can also provide air conditioning. Different system configurations, in addition to providing heat, can also provide heat for baths, pools and walkways / driveways for melting snow and ice. Finally, the system can also provide or supplement your needs for hot drinking water.

Do you like flowers? With the help of solar panels you get constant energy, and the excess energy goes to the ground and you can put greenhouses and enjoy the beautiful greenery all year round!

So why don't you switch to geothermal energy sources?

Economic use of geothermal sources is widespread throughout the world: in Iceland and New Zealand, Italy and France, Lithuania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, and Kenya.

Geothermal energy accumulation technology patented on 09/05/2008 in Berlin.

Many of us do not have 6 thousand dollars or more to pay for a geothermal heating system / domestic hot water. However, due to the combination of discounts and financing, as well as our affiliate program, the geothermal system can be not only fairly affordable, but in many cases it will immediately pay for itself by saving energy.

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