Autonomous power supply system for your home

Autonomous power supply systems of country houses allow you to live in comfort, even away from centralized communications.
Today it is very common to use the energy of the sun to obtain for lighting, space heating, air cooling, ventilation, power generation.
In order to efficiently use the energy of the sun, a properly designed solar cell connection circuit is necessary. You will need a set of high-quality equipment that can cope with the assigned responsibilities.
The scheme of the solar power station:
• Batteries (panels) that convert solar radiation into direct current voltage.
• The controller that regulates the charge of the battery.
• Battery pack.
• An inverter that converts battery voltage to 220 V.
Solar panels will work with the same performance in winter and summer, but under one condition - in clear weather, when the sun gives the maximum amount of heat. Overcast performance is dramatically reduced. In the following articles, we will describe how to increase the energy efficiency of solar panels in the winter.
The panels are most often mounted on the roof, facade or special racks installed near the house.
Rechargeable batteries can be used from ordinary lead to special gel. We recommend the use of gel batteries, as lead when heated emit harmful substances.
Lead batteries must be installed away from the living quarters.
The task of the inverters is to convert the DC voltage from the battery into an alternating voltage of 220 V. They differ in such technical characteristics as the power and quality of the voltage received.
Sinus equipment is able to serve the most "capricious" to the quality of current devices - compressors, consumer electronics. Source:

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