How long will solar panels last?

The average lifespan of a solar panel is about 30 years.
However, depending on the quality of the panel, the elements with which it worked, and how well it was served, it can last much longer than three decades.
The effect on the panel every day can affect both the panel itself and the entire system.

Ultraviolet, infrared and visible sunlight can cause the panel to discolour or yellow, reducing power output. It can also increase brittleness, which means that moisture can penetrate the panel faster. High temperatures can also lead to a deterioration in the quality of the sealant, protective layer, glass, etc., reducing the output power and creating safety problems.

Rain can cause corrosion both inside and outside the module — from glass to the element material — ultimately, reducing power output.

Extreme temperatures of snow and ice can cause breakage of the cells, bending of the frame parts due to icing. This can even lead to glass breakage.
A strong wind can break the bond between the cell and the solder, cause the entire system to vibrate and damage the main structure or even break the glass panel.


Causes of solar failure:

  • Failure of early service life when the panels are from 1 to 2 years old, usually attributed to the manufacturer or installer, damage during transportation, faults in the junction box, glass break, poor cell connection, tight frame, free frame, separation;
  • The average service life failure occurring 8–12 years after installation shows a high level of defects and failures with the connection, junction box and wiring, burn marks on the cells and EVA film.

Depreciation usually occurs 15 years after installation and occurs when a safety problem arises or when power generation falls from 80 to 90 percent of the original rated power. The most common cause of destruction is splitting, cracking cells and discoloration of the laminate. During the study, failures led to an average power loss of 10 percent, which means that the panels still produce high-power electricity, and with the development of technology, these failures will become less and less throughout the entire life cycle of the panel.
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