Is it worth to postpone with the installation of a geothermal battery?

Since many industry researchers are working hard to create better and more efficient energy saving technologies, you are probably wondering whether it makes sense to invest in modern technologies or wait for a “big breakthrough in solar technology”.

Will the geothermal battery be a top technology tomorrow?

Nowadays, much attention is paid to new reports on solar energy efficiency. The fact is that we are still working with the same photovoltaic technology that we have been using for years. Regardless of whether your solar panels are efficient by 22% or 22.8%, you probably still have a better switch to solar energy.

Why? Every year you use not the energy of the sun, but electricity from the network - this is the year when you still pay the utility company for all your energy. Despite the fact that the cost of installing solar panels is reduced every year, the longer you wait, the more you do not save on utility bills.

The choice is yours!

In the meantime, we offer to get acquainted with the technology of geothermal battery and start saving.

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