Coffee increases the efficiency of solar panels!

Studies by American scientists have shown that the thermal stability of solar cells can be enhanced with caffeine.

Now in wide use silicon-based solar cells. But the future of solar panels for perovskite solar cells, the production of which is much cheaper.

Perovskite solar cells are very short-lived and are destroyed by the temperature of the sun's rays. Therefore, American scientists have conducted studies using caffeine to improve the thermal stability of solar cells, because caffeine has a boiling point of 300 degrees Celsius.

Scientists added caffeine and poured the liquid solution on top of a glass of oxide and tin.

They turned on the perovskite film in the solar cell and placed it on a plate heated to 85 degrees Celsius. The researchers conducted the test for two months, measuring its power output every four days.
The team also tested a caffeine-free perovskite-based solar cell.

The results of the study were impressive. Scientists reported that caffeinated perovskite solar cells are able to maintain thermal stability for more than 1,300 hours or 55 days. They also saved 86 percent of their energy conversion efficiency. Compared to perovskite solar cells without caffeine, which retain thermal stability for 175 hours or seven days, as well as 60 percent of their energy conversion efficiency.

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